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Exploring our Guiding and Companioning Praxis

A summary map of Praxis

Andrea is speaking about her praxis:  Jesus has been teaching me his, “Come to me . . .” Well an important part of this was him inviting me to his way of greater inner freedom. That, of course, is ongoing for me. But when I was working with the “Come to me . . .” passage, he revealed to me something of what, “Take my yoke upon you,” meant for me. He helped to lift off the oppressiveness of the rule-bound meritocracy that was part of my family and culture and then had become part of my religious practice. I was trying to be so scrupulous in everything I did, including in my companioning. I was straining to live up to “something” and experienced an ongoing anxiety of committing serious sin for my most trivial of faults. (See Section 2: The person of the guide).

How do we articulate the essence of our praxis (our action-reflection-prayer-action) so as make it accessible for our ongoing formation? This is away a challenge. Much of this exploration involves an in-depth dialogue with an experienced practitioner. The questions posed could help open access into the deeper rhythms and flows of your own praxis. The voice of the pilgrim is also significant in this quest.  




1. Exploring our Praxis

2. The person of the guide

3. The relational presence of the guide

4. The Praxis of the guide

5.Person, person, & praxis

6. The manifest presence of Jesus

7. The pilgrim reviews the encounter

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