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Invitation of Jesus

Responding to Jesus' "Come to me . . ."

I continue to be struck by how Jesus’ ‘Come to me . . .’ and the three verses which contain his invitation (Matt 11:28 – 30) reveal the genius and rich texture of the personal solidarity and relational presence which he, through the gift of his life, opens to pilgrims. If offers a glimpse into the substance of what it means walk on delicate ground with pilgrims in cooperation with the Spirit. In his solidarity and presence burdened, troubled and searching pilgrims are invited into his rest. There is the lightness of his yoke to them. There is the deepening of relational knowing which comes through intimacy with him and with his gentle and humble heart. There is the invitation to find his rest for the soul.

Here in a nutshell is the essence of what we need to enliven and to find purpose and passion for guiding and companioning pilgrims.


  1. Prayerful reflection on Jesus’ invitation of ‘Come to me”
  2. Jesus ‘Come to me’ as a Window
  3. Capacities we bring to our encounter with Jesus
  4. Your experience of Jesus’ invitation and welcome?
  5. Offering to pilgrims the invitation and welcome of Jesus
  6. Reviewing Jesus’ invitation to Come