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Christopher’s Articles

Meeting Paradox-Falling In Love

Radical Grace. Vol. 20, No. 3, 2007, 10 – 11.   

Despite our best efforts we often feel like we have failed to be in authentic loving service.

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Opening sacred space (2004)

Faith has capacity to open us to sacred space.  Story, ceremony, parable, prayer, silence and praise can guide us towards our innermost heart-centre, open us to God’s Spirit, and enable us to listen and see anew.

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Reawakening Awareness

The great and everlasting genius of the Gospel of Jesus – the Good News, is its enormous capacity to touch and enliven what is most true about the human condition.

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The Dance to Freedom: A Story of Descending Spirituality
Eremos. No. 64, 1998, 11 – 15.

 A strong and compelling element which dominates western culture is that it is ascendant-oriented . . . Yet, despite best efforts to ascend and make a mark, restlessness, boredom, a deep spirit of discontent, and even despair, often lurk below the surface.

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A Touch of heaven

Counseling Connections Across Australia. Edition 4, Oct. 2013, 38 – 42.

Donna had phoned for an appointment and was coming for a session today. I had not seen her for over twelve months. My first thoughts of our last series of encounters awoke in me a sense of trepidation, as from my perspective they had not gone well . . . Go to Journal site.