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Posted by on Apr 3, 2016 in Formation in life and Faith |

Being reminded who we are

At the height of accomplishment or the depths of despair, pilgrims often forget who they truly are and to whom they belong. This tragic loss of identity and communion stretches far beyond those few who seek out a spiritual guide or companion. It is endemic in societies and cultures that have forgotten that human fullness is an active and intentional quest. Too many of us settle into our existence half-finished, estranged from the image the Creator has left as a sacred deposit in our souls and numb to the prompts and wooing of love. Into this tragedy, spiritual guides and companions venture, but never alone. Those charged with the care and guidance of souls are offered the revelation of the Creator’s heart both in story (Scripture) and in person—Emmanuel, the God who, through the Spirit, is with us in the person of Christ.

The Creator’s imagination woos us with gentle whispers and silence, with presence and absence, with encouragement and loving rebuke, ever calling us deeper into the life of the Trinity and a new heaven and a new earth. Jesus of Nazareth, the “true guide,” models this way of living toward a new heaven and new earth through his human suffering, death, resurrec­tion, and ascension, revealing how we might live as agents of reconciliation in the midst of our calamitous world, while also living out of the transcen­dent hope of an expansive imagination.

Adapted from : Guiding Gideon.