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Posted by on Oct 29, 2015 in Formation in life and Faith |

Becoming a Guide

Many years ago I responded to the call of God to the vocation as a faith guide and was eventually led to spiritual direction and, in more recent times, into the supervision, training and formation of spiritual guides. I began this apprenticeship as a pilgrim, with my director/guide encouraging me to be prayerfully attentive to my experiences and to the revelations of God’s imagination for my formation, which often occurred in the midst of my life. Upon this foundation, I began to integrate more formal educative and fieldwork elements, slowly awakening to the Spirit calling me into a novitiate with the triune God in the care and guidance of souls. As I began to experience deeper resonance with gospel accounts of Jesus’ way of guiding pilgrims—with his redeeming and transforming touch and his revelation of coming into the fullness of our humanity as we draw near the heart of God—I was filled with deep gratitude, awe, and reverence. For the art of spiritual guidance has brought me perilously close to the edge of mystery; the mystery of the formation of the human heart into the fullness of the Creator’s imaging which is to mature into the likeness and stature of Christ. Unlike the forming and shaping into conformity with the dominant societal imagination, God’s work within the human heart is never a forced yielding, but rather a lifelong wooing of an often unrequited love.  (Adapted from Guiding Gideon)