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About Christopher

Photo of ChristopherChristopher Brown is a faith guide and companion.

As an educator he taught Social Work for over 25 years at the University of Queensland, spiritual companioning for 12 years at Christian Heritage College, and  is currently  involved in the formation of spiritual directors.

As a spiritual companion and spiritual director, it is his privilege to journey with people around their life and faith issues.

As a writer his desire is to encourage other guides, be they counsellors, pastoral carers, mentors, accompaniers, chaplains, spiritual companions, and spiritual directors in journeying people in the way of Jesus.

Christopher’s faith tradition is evangelical and along with his wife, Marilyn, attends the local Baptist Church.


Announcing the release of Christopher’s latest book: Guiding Gideon: Awakening to Life and Faith.
For Book Trailer Video: CLICK.     For more information: CLICK