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For Faith Guides & Companions . . .

. . . who desire to guide and companion pilgrims in the ways of Jesus.

Purposes of this website

This site aims to reach across the wonderfully diverse spectrum of the interpersonal and small group ministries, including counseling, pastoral care, mentoring, accompanying, chaplaincy, spiritual companioning and spiritual direction.

Our vision is to enliven the spiritual dimensions of our practice so we might embody and reflect more of the person and presence of Jesus. 

Christopher Brown, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, has spent 40 years in teaching and practicing in the fields of social work, community development, counseling, spiritual companioning and spiritual direction. Through providing free resources for reflection and ongoing formation, he desires to make available his experience and material as an encouragement to other faith guides and companions. He is  the author of Reflected Love: Companioning in the Way of Jesus (2012), and Guiding Gideon: Awakening to Life and Faith (just released).

Just released – A Most Significant Book

The Art of Healing Prayer: Bringing Christ's Wholeness to Broken People
Charles Ringma & Mary Dickau
London: SPCK, 2015

The Art of Healing Prayer aims to help both clergy and laity to develop a greater understanding of those who come seeking healing, and to become skilled in praying for such people biblically, imaginatively and sensitively. The authors recognize that this is a costly ministry, requiring counsellors to find time in their own often busy lives to guide others, and necessitating that they continue to be open to the gifts of God's grace. However, it is a ministry that often results in joy and transformation, as those healed from long standing inner woundedness become sources of goodness and healing for others.

​Mary Dickau is a community/spiritual care coordinator in Vancouver. I would describe her as a person who embodies and reflects the healing presence of Jesus. Chris

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Announcing the release of Christopher's lastest book:


Guiding Gideon: Awakening to Life and Faith
Eugene OR.: Cascade. Wipf & Stock, 2015



Guiding Gideon chronicles the encounters between Gideon, a young man in his thirties in the midst of crisis, and his spiritual guide, Julian. With Julian accompanying him to attend prayerfully to the life directly before him, Gideon traverses the troubled landscape of his interior life, where he encounters grace, his deepest wounds become "sacred," and he is invited into fuller participation in the kingdom of God. Julian reflects prayerfully on each session, conscious that he is a privileged witness to the restorative movements of the Spirit within Gideon's life and that the same Spirit is forming him in the way of Jesus. 

Guiding Gideon is for all who desire to become more attentive to their formation in the likeness of Christ. It is also for spiritual guides who want their mentoring, counseling, pastoral care, or spiritual directing to reflect and embody the way of Jesus. Written as a narrative, Guiding Gideon offers prayerful reflection within the context of guiding a fictional pilgrim and also invites readers to witness the formation of a fictional guide. 


A Book Trailer Video on Guiding Gideon


Endorsements & Reviews of Guiding Gideon

"Today we need very practical but wise guidance for our journey of faith and love, and not more rarefied theology. Well, here you have just that, and from someone who is walking the journey himself–maybe a few steps ahead of you! Spiritual direction like this is surely one of the best ways that the Spirit will mature Christianity in our time." 
        –Richard Rohr, OFM, Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Guiding Gideon is an extraordinarily evocative depiction of the magic of spiritual companioning. What a gift it truly is to companion others and be companioned by others on the journey! This book is sure to elevate one's appreciation for this sacred privilege. The author is masterful in allowing the rich process . . . to come alive page after page in the book. A vital resource for those of us engaged in such holy endeavor!" 
       –Wil Hernandez, Founder and Executive Director of CenterQuest 

"The Centre for Men and Families has for the last decade utilized the works of Christopher Basil Brown in its leadership formation. This book is yet another quality, insightful work, practically guiding companions to not only walk more closely with God, but also with themselves and others." 
        –Rob Jones, Founding Director of Centre for Men and Families Australia

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Baptist Together, UK, have published a brief article on the background to writing Guiding Gideon. CLICK

Just released  –  a remarkable collection!

Of Martyrs, Monks and Mystics
 Yearly Meditational Reader of Ancient Spiritual Wisdom
Charles Ringma & Irene Alexander
Cascade Books, Wipf & Stock, Eugene, OR. Forthcoming 2015 

Everywhere there are voices calling for a new Reformation, marked by a return to older sources of Christian wisdom, and for drinking anew the inspiration of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, the church fathers, those from the monastic tradition and the medieval Christian mystics.

This anthology of original sources in contemporary English, structured in a meditational mode, could well be the rich resource you are looking for in hearing the ancient Christian wisdom. Here are the deep wells of theological and spiritual insight that could guide you in walking a renewed path of faith in our precarious world. These voices from the past may well help you in living against the tide of late modernity with its rationality and utilitarianism that cannot sustain a well-lived and well-loved life. This book could sustain the hope for a renewed world through the life lived in the presence of the healing and empowering God.


“This is a remarkable collection of quotations from the communion of Saints across the ages, which will deeply enrich your soul, and transform your identity as a Christian. I know no other spiritual treasury like this. It should be at every Christian’s desk or bedside.”

James M. Houston, Board of Governor’s Professor, Spiritual Theology, Regent College, Vancouver.

“[This] is a remarkable collection . . .  The result is a sparkling array of freshness from many lesser-known lived such as Gertrude the Great, Macarius of Egypt, and the Dutch poet Hadewijch conversing with us alongside Julian of Norwich, John Cassian, and Clare of Assisi . . . [T]his is a book that not only needs to be read slowly and prayerfully but also applied and lived as present-day wisdom.”

Trevor Miller, Abbot of Northumbria Community


Charles RingmaIrene Alexander


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